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Augmented Reality

For Education & Learning
By making learning as engaging as gaming, we are awakening curiosity in students around the world. With a simple a scan, students can access augmented models representing anything from a part of the human anatomy to a famous monument to a structure of an atom.

AR/VR Classroom Labs

From Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography and many more visual concepts can now be prototyped by students with or without coding! Learning is enhanced by 3D, Audio & Video. From ideating to executing, we deliver the best AR/VR Labs Experience for Institutions.

3D Creations

The beauty of 3D AR is that it only leaves a thin line between real and unreal, and visual memories are proven to be the strongest equipped with sound. Our team helps you to create the best 3D Models and Environments for Training and Learning, also tools for students to start creating their own 3D Models and Publish in Augmented Reality.

Multi-Platform Access

“Education is achieved, not received”

We deliver seamless AR learning environments across platforms like Android, iOS, MobileAR, HoLolens, Web, Vuforia, ARKit, ARCore where sometimes even the internet isn’t the barrier to start learning!

Immersive Solutions

Marker-Based Augmented Reality

Most common type of AR, uses pre-defined physical objects like – Books, Pages, Toys, Charts & Banners. By pointing the camera on the object, digital media including 3D models can be superimposed and delivers immersive experiences.

Marker-less Augmented Reality

Marker-Based AR minus the Physical Objects! Augment Digital Media like Images, Videos, 3D Experiences straight through your smartphone camera. Requires no external objects to deliver.

Geo-location Augmented reality

Uses the GPS to determine user’s current location and augmented experiences accurately according to the location. Provides intelligent data about surrounding. Content + Context + Accuracy = Geo AR!

For Publishers

Do you sell a lot of books? It’s time to provide Immersive AR experiences to your users as well as increase your sales. From Publisher to PublishAR, Surprise your readers like never before!

For Schools

Digital Practices disrupting traditional teaching practices? All schools aboard to create the next-gen classes and teaching methods through AR. Three simple steps: Scan | Augment | Immerse, and let the students visualize every curios thought!

For Students, Teachers & Educators

With a simple scan, students can access thousands of 3D models representing anything from a part of the human anatomy to a famous monument to a structure of an atom.


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‘Augmented Reality’ – Where the real world is overlaid with information from digital world – hugely expands the variety of problems students can study.